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Using Accessory Current Clamps With Fluke Digital Multimeters

Accessory current clamps expand a multimeter’s flexibility and measurement capabilities by allowing it to measure up to thousands of amps. By themselves, most meters are limited to a 20-amp measurement for a short period. The clamp accessory reduces the actual measured current by a fixed ratio. That means the current maximum is now limited by …

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Electrical Transmission Cables

Measuring tools: Fluke 1587 Insulation Multimeter Operator: Singapore electrical utility Tests conducted: Insulation resistance cable test, continuity, voltage As electricity is transmitted and distributed from generation plants to the end-users, it passes through numerous sections of low voltage (below 1000 V) and high voltage (defined in Singapore as more than 1000 V) cables. In addition to these transmission …

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Choose The Thermal Imaging Software That Makes Your Job Easier

Thermal imaging software extends a lot more features and happens a lot easier to utilize than what was accessible in the past. Now you can connect thermal imaging software on a PC or mobile device (even your smartphone) to establish, improve, simplify, and evaluate images and construct professional-looking reports that you can distribute in email. …

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Insulated Tools

Safe. Rugged. Fluke. 1000 volt insulated tools, lifetime warranty. Safety is vital when working with electricity. Strictly follow the right procedures. Wear the proper clothes. Use eye and hearing protection. And make sure you use the right tools. High-quality, insulated hand tools. Rubber or plastic on the handles is what most hand tools have. That’s …

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Fluke Test Leads, Test Probes and Alligator Clips

Get reliable measurements for a variety of electronics, industrial and automotive applications. Fluke test leads are the number one choice to get the most out of your Fluke test tools and multimeters. Fluke test leads and probes enhance your ability to take multimeter measurements in different environments. From probe-in-one to modular retractable test leads with …

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What Is A Clamp Meter?

A clamp meter is an electrical test tool that integrates a basic digital multimeter with a current sensor. Clamps measure current. Probes measure voltage. Having a hinged jaw joined into an electrical meter allows technicians to clamp the jaws around a wire, cable, or other conductors at any point in an electrical system, then measure …

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Diagnosing Power Problems At The Receptacle

By determining hot-neutral voltage, neutral-ground voltage, and hot-ground voltage you are well on your way to answering these questions: Is the outlet wired incorrectly? Is the branch circuit too heavily loaded? Do sensitive electronic loads have the voltage they need? These three measurements, all occupied speedily at one outlet, deliver you with a solid acceptance …

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