PG7000-AMH – Automated Mass Handler for PG7000 Piston Gauges


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PG7000™, already the world’s most advanced piston gauge, takes another step ahead with the introduction of AMH™ automated mass handling technology. Finally, tedious, error prone and wear inducing manual mass manipulation can be eliminated from high end piston gauge operation… over the full pressure range, in a bench top system, at a reasonable cost.

The AMH system is an optional accessory to PG7000 platforms. It can be added to existing platforms or ordered with new installations. Two models are available to cover the complete PG7000 line of gas and oil operated piston gauges… including absolute mode with a vacuum reference. Thanks to the PG7000’s unique system architecture, the exact level of automation appropriate for the application can be configured with standard components. Automate mass handling while maintaining direct operator control over pressure generation and adjustment, or use standard pressure controllers to automate pressure control and make fully automated piston gauge operation a reality. In all cases, PG7000’s unified approach assures a simple, integrated system with a single local and remote interface.

AMH technology
To install the AMH masses, a binary mass loading tray isplaced on the piston cap and a mass bell is installed over the tray. The mass set’s main mass discs are hung from the mass bell. Tubular binary masses are placed in descending sequence on the mass bell hanger and on the tray.

The mass handling system is placed over the installed mass set and controlled by the PG7000 platform, using RS232 communications from the platform’s COM3 port.

To load a specific mass value, the mass handling system raises the entire mass load above the piston upper end of stroke to the mass selection position. The mass is raised by a pneumatically actuated lifter acting on a lifter shaft connected to the binary mass spindle. Each tubular binary mass that is not to be loaded is held in place by engaging three selector pins. The three main mass columns are rotated synchronously so that the main masses not to be loaded are held in place by the columns’ retention ledges and masses to be loaded face release flats. When the mass selection is complete, the lifter moves down, placing the lifter shaft, binary spindle, bell and all the released masses onto the piston.

The AMH mass handling system is designed and tested to provide years of reliable, maintenance free mass manipulation.

Automated Mass Handler

Electrical Power
100 to 240 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz
30 W max consumption
Normal Operating
Temperature Range
15 to 35 °C
Weight (Mass Handler Only)


18 kg (40 lb)
12 kg (26 lb)


41 cm H x 37 cm W x 38 cm D
(16.3 in. x 14.6
in. x 15 in.)
41 cm H x 41 cm W x 36 cm D
(16.3 in. x 16.1 in. x 14.1 in.)
Communications Port RS-232 (COM1), controlled by PG7000 platform
Drive Air Supply 550 kPa (80 psi) “shop air”
Drive Air Connection
Quick connect equivalent to Swagelok⪚
QM Series (QM2-B200)
AMH-38 Vacuum Chamber


(2) KF40 for pump and vacuum gauge upgrade
Typical Residual Vacuum:
< 10 mPa (0.08 mTorr) with 70 l/s turbo pump
Higher pressure with other pumps
Mass Changing Time < 15 sec
CE Conformance Available, must be specified