2638A Hydra Series III Data Acquisition System/Digital Multimeter


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The 2638A incorporates the Fluke patented Universal Input Connector to bring more accuracy to thermocouple measurements than most other instruments in its class. The Universal Input Connector supports 14 common thermocouple types. Temperature-focused menu selections make the 2638A especially suitable for temperature validation applications. If you need to “zero” a large number of thermocouples to a known reference temperature before starting a temperature profiling or validation test, the 2638A will normalize all readings to your reference channel at the push of a button and store the offsets for reference in a supporting data file. If you are conducting chamber tests, heat treating tests under AMS guidelines, or validating temperature devices under 21 CFR regulations, Hydra Series III makes it that much easier to comply.

Each 2638A has three slots in the rear panel. Each slot can hold a user-accessible relay card and a 22-channel Universal Input Connector. Three configurations are available, from 22 channels to 66 channels per mainframe. Select a base model with 22 channels and add 22-channel expansion kits when needed. The low cost per channel makes the 2638A a good value for any budget.

To begin a scan, you have several options that can be set in your test setup menu:

• External trigger to the rear panel

• Remote SCPI command

• Alarm trigger

• Time interval trigger

• Manual trigger initiated from the front panel

Measurement resolution is at your control with the 2638A. You can choose between standard settings of Fast, Medium or Slow (4.5, 5.5, 6.5 digits) for the resolution you need. You also can select custom measurement speed on individual channels to get the accuracy and resolution to suit your requirements.

For more details about this product, Download Fluke 2638A Hydra Series III Data Acquisition System Datasheet