PG9602 Piston Gauge

Automated primary pressure reference for absolute and gauge pressures to 500 kPa

The PG9602 is the next generation of absolute pressure piston gauge from Fluke Calibration. It includes multiple piston cylinder range options to support absolute or gauge pressure measurements from 12 kPa to 10 MPa.

Refined 50 mm piston-cylinder design

PG9602/9607’s piston-cylinder assembly builds upon more than 15 years of design, manufacture and calibration of 50 mm piston-cylinders. PC-9607-5 is a 5 kPa/kg piston-cylinder with a stationary piston and floating cylinder design. Improved manufacturing and testing methods are used to produce a very low distortion assembly. The 50 mm piston-cylinder provides exceptional performance up to 500 kPa with a 100 kg mass load. The PG9607 mounting post allows an independent controlled clearance pressure to be applied to the inside of the piston, thus predictably varying the size of the gap between the piston and cylinder for advanced study

Innovations to minimize uncertainty

Two decades ago, DH Instruments PG7000 family of piston gauges introduced the advantages of on-board sensing and monitoring technology, as well as other performance and ergonomic enhancements. The PG9000 platform adds several innovations to improve pressure measurements even further.

The platform consists of a PG terminal, a piston gauge base and a new remote electronics module. The terminal is the user interface. It stores metrological component data, reports operating and ambient condition status and calculates pressure.

The PG9000 piston gauge base supports automatic piston-cylinder rotation and mass handling, but all of the electronics to support the sensors and rotation control have been relocated to a remote electronics module. This architecture supports the best possible temperature stability at the base, even with prolonged vacuum operation, since any significant sources of heat are located away from the base.

The PG9602/9607 mounting post has two integrated PRTs for reduced piston-cylinder temperature uncertainty. The PRTs are easily removed for calibration. A capacitance diaphragm gauge is included in the optional vacuum reference hardware for making residual vacuum measurements in absolute mode. PG9607 can also integrate the measurement output from virtually any user-supplied vacuum sensor.