Molbox RFM Reference Flow Monitor


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Molbox RFM Flow Monitors are support units for making mass flow measurements using molbloc-L laminar and molbloc-S sonic flow elements.

molbloc flow elements are connected to molbox RFM Flow Monitors with two pressure connections and one data line. molbox RFM Flow Monitors read calibration data off the molbloc EEPROM and measures molbloc upstream and downstream pressure with a built-in high accuracy Reference Pressure Transducers (RPTs). An ohmic measurement system reads the resistance of the molbloc platinum resistance thermometers from which molbloc temperature is calculated. Using the molbloc calibration data, pressures, temperature and gas properties stored in molbox RFM memory, the flow rate of the gas flowing through the molbloc is calculated. For molbloc-L flow elements, a microrange option is available to increase flow measurement resolution and accuracy under 10 % FS of the flow range.

Compact presentation

  • Covers the flow range of 1 sccm to 100 slm with molbloc-L, and up to 5000 slm with molbloc-S
  • Select from 20 different gases
  • Accredited measurement uncertainty of ± 0.5 % of reading with up to 100:1 rangeability
  • Internal valving for on-board purge, leak test and tare support
  • Includes advanced measurement functions such as totalize, average, hi/lo and deviation
  • Complete front panel control and RS232 and IEEE-488 remote communications
  • Measures mass and volume flow with user setable reference pressure and temperature conditions

For more details about this product, Download Molbox RFM Reference Flow Monitor Datasheet.