Molbloc-L Laminar Flow Element


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Laminar flow elements for flow from 1 sccm to 100 slm

molbloc-Ls are laminar flow elements for use with molbox mass flow terminals. The molbloc flow path is the longitudinal, annular gap between a piston and a close fitting cylindrical bore in the molbloc body. Different molbloc ranges are obtained by varying the size of the gap. For high flow ranges (size 1E4 and above), a larger molbloc body with a larger cylindrical bore is used.

Molbloc-L Ranges
molblocs sizes are designated by a number relative to their nominal flow impedance. The nominal impedance results in nominal flow ranges when flowing nitrogen gas with 250 kPa absolute (36 psia) upstream pressure and 50 kPa (7.5 psid) differential pressure across the molbloc. In practice, the molbloc flow range may be quite different from the nominal flow range. The difference comes from differences in density and viscosity between gases and from different molbloc operating pressure calibration options.

For more details about this product, Download Molboc-L Ranges with low pressure Datasheet.