MET/TEAM® Test Equipment Asset Management Software


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Comprehensive, browser-based asset management software and related services to get you up and running quickly

MET/TEAM® software is a powerful, flexible, and scalable calibration management software solution for managing your calibration assets. Designed by metrologists for metrology, it is ideal for calibration professionals who need to manage workflow through the calibration laboratory.

The MET/TEAM solution includes professional services to assist you with MET/TEAM installation and configuration, database migration, training, and similar tasks. These services form an important part of the total MET/TEAM solution because they help your organization become productive quickly and efficiently

MET/TEAM calibration management software enables you to:

  • Manage all aspects of your calibration operation with one paperless solution
  • Improve productivity and reduce operating costs
  • Maintain compliance with regulatory standards
  • Configure and customize for your business rules
  • Report to meet a wide range of requirements
  • Schedule maintenance events
  • Perform batch receiving
  • Create, track and close work orders
  • Track assets as they move through the lab
  • Create and print calibration reports
  • Maintain an audit trail
  • Manage shipping information
  • Track customer and vendor information
  • View business statuses
  • Create data templates and store procedures

MET/TEAM software works the way you do

MET/TEAM calibration management software follows the flow of instrumentation into the company and through the calibration lab and quality management department.

Data setup and management

Setting up data is highly customizable, thanks to the flexible MET/TEAM interface. You can set up contacts as individuals, and associate them with facilities; create individual assets subject to events or generic equipment categories; track information based on asset type, and more. Each screen is easy to read; a Quick Link button lets you drill deeper into your data if you wish.

MET/TEAM software also enables you to maintain a complete parts database, which you can refer to on work orders. Easily manage parts inventory and create reports to help you know when to reorder.