6135A/PMUCAL Phasor Measurement Unit Calibration System


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Fast, automated, traceable calibrations that comply with IEEE C37.118.1a™-2014 and IEEE Synchrophasor Measurement Test Suite Specification-Version 2-2015.

Today’s smart grid relies on phasor measurement units (PMUs) to deliver real-time, mission critical data on the voltage, current, frequency and phase within the distribution grid. To ensure consistent, accurate and credible PMU data, it is essential that PMUs be properly calibrated.

The 6135A/PMUCAL Phasor Measurement Unit Calibration System is the only fully automated and traceable PMU calibration system available today. It is an ideal solution for PMU designers and manufacturers, as well as for national metrology institutes (NMIs). It’s also a perfect solution for third party calibration houses, electrical power utilities and organizations associated with electrical power transmission.

For more details about this product, Download Fluke 6105A – 6100B Electrical Power Quality Calibrator Datasheet.