2680 Series Data Acquisition Systems


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The Fluke 2680 Series data acquisition systems combine the best of lab precision with the rugged flexibility required in rapidly changing industrial applications. Whether you choose the 2680A Data Acquisition System with high-speed 10/100BastT Ethernet network support or the 2686A Data Logging System, you can seamlessly expand your system any time from 20 to more than 2,000 channels, just by adding modules and chassis.

The Fluke 2680A Data Acquisition System is the choice for multi-channel applications requiring reliable Ethernet communications. It features a front-end style data acquisition system that communicates and distributes data anywhere you need it to go. The 10BaseT and 100BaseT communications interface makes it compatible with both older and newer network installations.

For more details about this product, Download Fluke 2680 Data Acquisition Systems Datasheet.