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Top 3 Tools for Electrical Safety Testing

You do not need a lot of tools and devices by your side with false promises of safety. Fluke tools are a pioneer in the industry because of their proven and tested ways to ensure worker safety during risky operations. When you are frequently exposed to dangerous electric materials and machines, these are the ideal tools for you to take. These three tools are the holy grail of ensuring safety and security in every operation.

What type of tool can ensure safety and security?

The type of tool that you want with you all the time are tools that can let you measure without any sort of contact. As much as possible, the safest way to do maintenance and test checks is within a safe distance. Insulated tools, PPE, and rubber soles can only do so much when you are up against powerful arc flashes and a faulty machine that can seriously damage your body.

Besides having a tool that can efficiently measure from afar, you also need a device that can accurately give you results. Therefore, Fluke tools are the ideal tools for the job. Fluke tools can give you the duality of safely testing faulty equipment and electric material within a safe distance, and at the same time, can give you an accurate and timely diagnosis.

The top three tools that can guarantee safe electrical testing…

As we have mentioned, you do not need a lot of tools to take with you to guarantee safety, you just need to take the right ones. These top three tools can give you electrical safety that is even better than bringing a whole toolbox with you. Considered the big three Fluke tools, the non-contact voltage testers, electrical testers, and digital multimeters will undoubtedly make every difference.

1) Fluke Non-Contact Voltage Tester…

This is a handy tool that is small enough to fit in your pockets. Its main function is detecting the presence of voltage with failed or malfunctioning assets. So, if ever you encounter one, the best tool that can give you the most accurate results is a non-contact voltage tester.

These tools can sense even the smallest amount of voltage current. The built-in sensor at the tip of the device lights up red (and waits for it to beep) this indicates that voltage is present in the material. What is great with this tool is you do not even need contact for it to work, and that alone is added safety for all workers already.

But beware, according to an official Fluke source, non-contact voltage testers can give a false negative indication (meaning it does not light up) when these instances occur…

  • The insulated test point touches grounded metal.
  • The cable being evaluated is partially buried.
  • The user is isolated from the ground.
  • It is used inside a metal enclosure.
  • Proximity testers also will not detect the presence of voltage through the shield on the shielded cable. To better understand why proximity testers, have these limitations, read the Fluke application note on the subject, “Understanding capacitive voltage sensors.” The key word is “proximity.”

2) Fluke Digital Multimeter

A great weapon of choice when you are evaluating any kind of electricity either for faults or simply doing maintenance rounds. These tools can multitask a lot and get plenty of testing done with just one device! Its testing capabilities do not just focus on one but feel free to evaluate voltmeters, ammeters, and ohmmeters as well.

Multimeters fall into one of a handful of categories:

  • General-purpose (aka Testers)
  • Standard
  • Advanced
  • Compact
  • Wireless

3) Fluke Vibration Testers

Every maintenance professional takes pride in having a Fluke Vibration Tester. Already tagged as the best and most advanced troubleshooting tool for mechanical maintenance. The device uses a special diagnosis technology that helps you immediately identify mechanical faults and prevent downtime and drastic measures to occur.

This device lets you…

  • Quickly analyze machine health.
  • Let us observe the severity of the faults.
  • It features enhanced reporting.
  • Gives you suggestions to solve the current machine situation.
  • Let us address critical problems in real-time.

Get your Fluke tools through an authentic source!

Hey, you made it to the bottom! Are you currently looking for the best-performing test tools in the market to run daily maintenance checks on your machines? You are in luck cause Presidium PH is an authorized distributor of Fluke test tools in the Philippines. Prevent these faults from penetrating your machine by using the best test tools there are!

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