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The Importance of Monitoring Power Consumption

Do not take your power consumption for granted. Logging and keeping track of energy saved and wasted proves important when managing large facilities. So what does it entail? Energy monitoring is the process of tracking, recording, and visualizing energy consumption, which can be across an entire facility or right down to an asset. Yes, that is how thorough the process can be.

Benefits of monitoring power consumption with Fluke power loggers.

Monitoring power consumption is of vital importance in every facility. Electrical power can be so available and so easily consumed that we tend to abuse it sometimes. In return, it abuses our machines and our costs as well. Therefore, keeping one eye on daily power consumption can be beneficial to future uses in such a time when important energy management decisions are needed to be made. Here are more of its benefits and why you should monitor power consumption daily.

Monitoring power consumption can give accurate measurements.

Monitoring power consumption also entails being accurate in utility bills. And when you are running huge facilities, you would want those reports on point. Sadly, one thing that it will not tell you is sudden shoot-ups in costs. Therefore monitoring power consumption comes in handy since it can give you accurate measurements when it comes to billing.

Monitoring power consumption can let you identify issues in advance.

If you are consistent in monitoring your power consumption, it can have an effective impact in terms of equipment performance. Fluke tools can immediately recognize when assets, tools, and utility machines are not operating efficiently. Spotting these faults right away can have loads of benefits in return since faulty machines tend to consume power more (and not in a good way).

It applies to real-time monitoring.

What’s more efficient than real-time monitoring? Real-time monitoring can be done with the use of Fluke tools. It’s better to have data on machines as soon as they break down rather than leaving it behind and waiting for experts to examine them. With Fluke tools, you will be able to know what’s wrong in a matter of seconds!

Moreover, if daily monitoring takes place, it can also act as predictive maintenance for all machines. This will reap rewards in the future since it will promise fewer failures which will entail little to no downtime.

Why fluke power quality logger is the best bet.

With the use of the Fluke power logger, you can be able to assess and properly address power problems that are plaguing your facilities or specific machines that also need power monitoring. By doing so, you will be able to keep track as to which areas your energy power is tripping.

The Fluke power logger can automatically capture and log voltage, current, power, harmonics, and associated power quality values, and capture dips, swells, and inrush currents with event waveform snapshots and high-resolution RMS profiles. In other words, it will be able to successfully troubleshoot power quality issues with ease.

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