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4 Common Electrical Grounding Mistakes

Upright grounding is more than a safety feature. In fact, it safeguards tools, equipment, and other devices that are supplied in the facility. Therefore, effective grounding procedures must take place in every part of a project and must never be overlooked. With the absence of proper grounding systems, you might be able to expose yourself to the risk of electric shock and instrument errors. However, at times, there are grounding errors that cannot be assisted. Here, we will be able to discuss the five common electrical grounding mistakes that some people make.

Why test ground systems?

Soils do not stay the same over time. Corrosive soils, high moisture content, salt, content, and elevated temperatures, can decrease the quality of your soil. In a natural setting, this might be okay for backyard gardens. However, if you are building extremely sensitive projects on top of it, you might want to double-check if the soil is compatible with the proper standards.

According to an official Fluke source, faulty ground systems will omit electrical problems that will result in unwanted downtimes. The root causes. Poor grounding and poor power quality.

The common electrical grounding mistakes…

There are different projects that require proper grounding. One can differ from the other, but one thing rings true, and that is never to forget proper grounding.

1 Do understand soil resistivity.

The number one of a grounding system is to provide a low impedance route to the earth. Going back, soil resistivity plays a significant role in the process since it is the main basis of any grounding system. It relates to a lot of functions including soil type, moisture content, and temperatures. These kinds of characteristics pave the way for ground impedances.

Take note that the current will likely follow through a path of low resistance rather than a high one. High soil resistance will result in unsafe paths that will eventually increase equipment failures and human injuries.

2 Failing to measure the grounding system.

One thing you need to check is the grounding systems if there are any vacancies. Make sure that there are none so to speak of. A variance may occur over time that was not intended for. As an example, if a ground rod hits a large rock and it does not reach the depth that it’s required to be at this may cause complications.

3 Always reattach ground paths.

In such instances that you must relocate, replace, or remove equipment for repairs, it is of utmost importance that you reconnect the entire path completely. Technically, all connection in the ground path includes setscrews, locknuts, and threads. You should fully evaluate the continuity before putting them back into the system.

Also, it is probably best for you to check for any corrosion, rust, and dirt since impurities can contaminate metal raceways.

4 Using ground wire incorrectly

Pay attention to the conductor’s bends and lengths! Ground wires that are bundled up together can create high impedance and this will give way to higher voltages on the equipment during transient events. Also, refrain from coiling the wires since this will prevent the current to go through a straight and simple path.

Standards for ground testing…

Not sure if you are meeting the standard for grounding? Here’s something to guide you along the way! These organizations provide recommendations and/or develop standards for grounding to ensure safety.

Remember, the goal of these grounding standards is to help you ensure the reliability of your equipment in such cases that faulty currents occur.

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