Can Too Much Heat Affect the Performance of Fluke Test Tools?

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Can Too Much Heat Affect the Performance of Fluke Test Tools?

The simple answer to this is yes, it does. Fluke test tools no matter how high performing they are, are still susceptible to a decrease in performance if there is too much heat involved. But in all fairness, it’s not just for Fluke tools, heat is a long-time enemy of electronics in all forms and variations. Therefore, most gadgets are preferred to be stored in cooler places. However, this may pose are a difficult task for those who are residing in tropical countries, or in places that are constantly under immeasurable heat.

How can heat cause electronics to lessen in performance?

Precisely, electronics are at their best performance when they are used in lower temperatures compared to high ones. In such cases that you expose your tools regularly to high heat temperatures, expect that your tools may decrease in life and may no longer be as reliable as it once was.

Also, if your tool is always under heat, don’t be surprised if it suddenly begins to break down or malfunction. Remember, allowing devices to run for long periods of time at high temperatures will provoke your tools to be less functional.

How does a Fluke tool perform when under extreme heat?

We’ll give you an idea. According to MasterFlex, a civilian employee in Iraq, Robert Kirkman who is regularly using a digital multimeter under the harsh heat of the desert sun has experienced malfunctions with his DMM because of the heat. He says that the screen turns black regularly. He quoted “So far, the meters have recovered after several hours in air conditioning, but this causes a severe inconvenience when troubleshooting equipment. I am using the tools to work on power generation equipment, power distribution and environmental control systems.” Technically the systems that he’s trying to troubleshoot are HVAC systems to keep soldiers cool.

Although he was a bit beaten down with the device’s performance, he clarified that it’s not the Fluke test tool’s fault. He has been using the brand for nearly 30 years and is quite content with its performance. He clarified saying, “This environment is very extreme and most equipment we use was not designed for it.” Therefore, it’s not just zeroing out with one tool, heat has the tendency to really decrease the performance of every electronic, especially in extreme conditions.

Ideal operating temperatures.

Not too hot and not too cold is the most ideal room temperature for your tool to work with. This will be approximately 50 degrees F to 82 degrees. But let’s not put our focus too much on hot and cold temperatures. There are other factors that can also contribute to the performance of your Fluke test tool. 

Humidity also gets a hand in your tools’ performance. Excessive humidity or extreme dryness. This kind of environment can cause errant discharges and can trigger condensation and water which is not preferred for your tools.

Managing heat with electronics.

But worry not, there are a lot of ways how you can keep your test tools cool in the blazing summer heat. According to the Institute for Advanced Study, there are five easy ways for you to manage heat when your electronics are in use, especially those that are quick to overheat.

  1. Allowing airflow. Don’t keep your tools compressed with thick and heavy materials. Allow a 2–3-inch space around them to let air cool heater areas or spots. Gear free from obstructions that are not granting your device any airflow.
  1. When not in use, stay away from heat. Therefore, don’t just leave your tools lying around under the sun. Remember, no matter how reliable and rugged a Fluke tool can be, it will work well when it’s in a calm and cool environment rather than being left alone in heated places.
  1. Stacking is a no-no. Electronics can get hot on their own. To help manage the heat around your device, prevent them from making heat on their own. So, it’s better to lay them all separately.
  1. Keep it clean! Okay, this is more of maintenance advice rather than heat advice. But nevertheless, it does help it cool down. Just don’t wipe it with hot liquid of course!
  1. If your tool overheats, shut it down! Let it sit and cool down before using it again. And remember, allow a lot of airflows so that your tool doesn’t continuously overheat.

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