Laser Distance Meter 101: Important Facts You Should Know About!

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Laser Distance Meter 101: Important Facts You Should Know About!

Laser distance meters are extra than just for measurement. We’re talking about innovative tools that can support you in taking precise measurements while also securing a worker’s safety. Laser distance meters take measurement into the modern world wherein you no longer need bulky reel-in tapes or walking wheel distance measurement systems.

What’s new with measurement?

Traditional measurement requires physical contact to know the distance of one point to the other. However, with a laser distance meter, you can achieve accuracy in determining these lengths without contact. In the name itself “laser” this device uses a laser to accurately determine long distances.

Thus laser distance meters are popularly used in different industrial sectors. Here are some of them:

  • Carpentry
  • Masonry
  • Electrical
  • Landscapers
  • Developers
  • Locksmiths

These devices are mostly used but not limited to these types of industries. Then again, one must think, there’s always the trusty and handy measuring tapes which are more affordable so why not use that?

Why you should use a Fluke Laser Distance Meter.

Other than the fact that this product hailed from one of the most distinguished brands for test tools, here are some reasons why you should opt to use a laser distance meter:

  • It’s faster – Point and click! You’ll have results in no time. You’ll get the job done within seconds compared to using a regular tape which eats a lot of minutes just by unrolling it. Not to mention, the use of additional people for you to guarantee accurate results.
  • You don’t need to walk – Unlike regular tape measures which need a lot of movement and effort, laser distance meters only require you to hold one spot in the field and point in the direction you want to measure. Fewer hassles right? 
  • Use it even with poor lighting – The thing with tape measures (or any kind of non-digital measure tool) is that it might be difficult to take data at night or with low lights in general. In totality, the person conducting the measurement might have a hard time navigating in the dark as well. However, with the use of laser distance meters, be able to take measurements more efficiently because of its backlit display.
  • No contact is needed! – You no longer need to poke, jab, or worry about ground obstacles. All you need to do is point it in the right direction and you’ll get the results you need.
  • Measure in all directions even upwards – The most popular measurement we make is the one across something (length or width of something). One downside of using tape is sometimes, it’s not enough in terms of material. But, by using laser distance meters, be confident by measuring in all different directions (across, above, below, sideways, etc.) without moving an inch.  
  • Safety and versatility – You can’t deny the valuable features of the Fluke laser distance meter especially when you’re working in a hazardous environment. Because of its advanced features, workers will no longer undertake risks.

Different applications of laser distance meter.

As we’ve mentioned above, laser distance meters are popular with industrial use but not limited to them. On the contrary, you can actually use this device in a wide variety of things. Here are some of them:

In facilities

  1. Use the laser distance meter in setting up floor supports in large rooms.
  2. Can be used to measure room dimensions to calculate how much paint is needed.
  3. Measure room dimensions to calculate how much floor covering is needed.
  4. Measure height for appropriate ladder selection.
  5. Document the location of standing water or leaks found with a thermal imager or infrared

Measure walls and ceilings

  1. Calculate distances to objects within hard-to-reach drop ceilings to determine overhead cable runs, line of sight.
  2. Measure ceiling height and square feet/meters to determine rod lengths for drop ceiling installation and lighting fixtures.
  3. Measure distance under subfloors or structures for networking or other cable installations.

Safety purposes

  1. Measure distances (including ceiling heights) to install emergency lighting, sprinklers, and fire extinguishers to code.
  2. Determine accurate room dimensions to ensure correct chemical concentration for Clean Agent Fire Suppression system.
  3. Measure distances from machines for safety equipment (fire extinguishers, fire blankets, etc.).

Great features, great performance.

The best Fluke laser distance meters come in two units which are the Fluke 424D Laser Distance Meter and Fluke 417 Laser Distance Meter. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Fluke 424 Laser Distance Meter.

This unit is tagged as the most sophisticated measuring tool in the market. It can instantly measure up to 100 meters (330 ft). This unit also features a bright pointer laser that supports laser targeting even at longer distances. Not only that, but the backlit display is also a winning feature of this unit. With its advanced functions, you can ultimately have enough uptime for two people combined.

Fluke 417 Laser Distance Meter.

This unit features durability, accuracy, and ease of use. Designed for both outdoor and indoor use, this will allow you to minimize time spent measuring and maximize the reliability of measurements. This unit also showcases a backlit display and a laser pointer for accurate measurement.

Get your Fluke tool from a trusted source!

Presidium PH is an authorized distributor of Fluke test tools in the Philippines. So, if you want to know more about Fuke tools and their functions, visit our website for more info! This is a one-stop-shop for the best test tools in the market!

Fluke Laser Distance Meter:

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