Fluke Test Tools: Recommended Battery Testing to Ensure Optimal Uptime

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Fluke Test Tools: Recommended Battery Testing to Ensure Optimal Uptime

One of the most important parts of every device is its batteries. Professionals in the industry even advise making rounds on batteries to make sure their performance is at a hundred percent. Although batteries today, are evidently more advanced than the ones before and are often tagged as low maintenance, this doesn’t mean that they should be dismissed. Battery testing is one of the musts that every maintenance man/woman should practice. Ultimately, with the help of Fluke test tools, these devices can ensure battery health with a click of a button.

In light of battery kinds, the most popularly used are the uninterrupted power supply (UPS) and battery backup systems. Again, these types of batteries also hold a reputation for being maintenance-free. However, like all things, in time, these batteries are also susceptible to deteriorate over time. Not only that, but they are also prone to corrosion, internal shorts, sulphation, dry out, and seal failure. And when these issues occur, it will result in frustrating downtimes. 

Determining battery failure.

Voltage usually plays a big role in determining battery health. But, the question remains, is it enough? The answer is no. We’re not saying it’s wrong, but you can do more to ensure that your batteries are in a good state.

In totality, measuring voltage is only the tip of the iceberg. Online monitoring equipment or in-person voltage tests won’t give you the full picture of your battery’s health. This is because the voltage is an indication of your battery’s state of charge and not your battery’s health.

To make it clear, the measuring voltage will not tell you beforehand if your battery is degrading. In line with this, voltage testing also has a drawback when a load is applied.

A recommended approach to battery testing.

Instead of relying on voltage testing, try measuring battery impedance as well. In this way, you’ll have a better understanding of the internal resistance of the battery and not just its state of charge. Basically, if you measure battery impedance, this will give you a whole picture of your battery’s issues.

What is battery impedance and why is it preferred?

Battery impedance is made up of two components. Those are electrical and ohmic resistance. Let’s break them down! First, electrical resistance deals with the current flow in an electrical circuit. Meanwhile, ionic resistance measures current flow due to internal factors such as electrode surface area and electrolyte conductivity.

On the other hand, internal ohmic values or also known as the AC resistance can be a big factor in determining the battery’s overall health. AC resistance can be measured by injecting a small current and then later on calculated using Ohm’s law. But in this case, you might want to consider Fluke test tools for easier and more convenient results.

Measuring battery impedance.

Unlike voltage testing, measuring the impedance values can help you detect potential battery problems in advance. In time, a battery’s internal resistance can increase and when this happens, it means that the battery itself is already on the verge of degradation in the cell.     

The best practice for measuring battery impedance. You must be consistent. A single measurement cannot dictate the entire context of what is happening or what is about to happen with your batteries. Make it a habit to measure impedance over months and years. It also helps to examine changes and don’t forget to put it on record every time you make measurements.

Fluke Test Tools: Fluke Battery Analyzer

The best tool to measure battery impedance is none other than Fluke test tools! Specifically, the Fluke Battery Analyzer. This is the ideal fluke test tool for maintenance, troubleshooting, and performance testing of individual stationary batteries and battery banks used in critical battery backup applications.

As we’ve discussed, one of the key points that need to be measured is internal battery resistance, dc and ac voltage, dc and ac current, ripple voltage, frequency, and temperature. With the Fluke Battery Analyzer, you can measure all of these components with just one tool making it a great investment for long-term use!

Get your Fluke tool from a trusted source!

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