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Fluke Thermometers: How to Get the Best Results!

There is no tool timelier than a Fluke thermometer during the surge of a pandemic. When we are limited to giving physical touch while working, we turn to instruments that can do the job for us. Fluke thermometers are not only supportive of diagnosing technical issues but are also capable of doing thorough temperature reads of different objects. However, this may also vary from the actual object you are measuring.

Recap! A lot of people mistake IR Thermometers for Thermal Imagers. So, what’s the difference? A simple explanation that sets these two fluke devices apart is that Fluke thermometers take an individual number which is the temperature measurement of a single spot on your target. Meanwhile, a thermal camera gives you thermal readings that let you visualize the actual hot and cold spots scenario.

Going back, it’s safe to say that it’s in everyone’s knowledge, Fluke thermometers are great in terms of performance! However, some might not be getting the full experience of these innovative thermometers. This is why we’re telling you how you can get the best results from Fluke thermometers!

Know your IR thermometer’s distance-to-spot ratio

The distance-to-spot ratio is known as the field of view. The field of view plays a critical role in terms of accuracy. This is because the angle of vision it sees will be the average of the temperature it detects.

Additionally, the distance-to-spot ratio also pertains to the size of the area (or spot) being measured. Make sure that the target is larger than the spot size the unit is measuring. The smaller the target, the closer you should be to it. When accuracy is critical, make sure that the target is at least twice as large as the spot size.

Watch out for shiny, “low emissivity” objects.

Yes, shiny objects have the tendency to bewilder your IR gun which as a result can give inaccurate results. According to EnnoLogic, IR thermometers are pre-set at an emissivity of 0.95.  However, objects with much lower emissivity ratings, such as polished metal, will give false temperature readings.

Another source from Thermo Works stated that most organic materials, including the by-products of plants and animals, have an emissivity rating of 0.95. In return, these are the ideal surfaces to point at if you want accurate results. Meanwhile, polished metals and other shiny things are known to have very low emissivity levels since they tend to be very reflective of ambient infrared energy.

Steam or dust can affect the accuracy of IR thermometers.

Remember that these elements can confuse readings for the simple reason that they blur the lens. Naturally, blurry lenses can result in inaccurate readings for infrared thermometers. Think of it this way, if you look through a camera with blurred lenses or steam, those elements will show in the photos. Therefore, before shooting your IR gun, always make sure to wipe the lenses with appropriate tools to better its reading process.

Avoid temperature-shocking your infrared thermometer.

We know that Fluke is known for its excellence of being the most versatile test tool in the market, and it’s not wrong. However, some of its tools are also quite sensitive depending on their usage. Nevertheless, don’t mistake this aspect as a weak spot since this does not dampen its high-performing nature.

Letting your Fluke thermometer simmer in its surroundings can ultimately grant you more chances to get accurate readings. Give your thermometer at least 20 minutes to bask in its given environment. For example, you’ve just only done temperature checks in a cold room and then moved on to a much warmer area. Immediately putting your device on the spot might not get you the most “spot-on” results, instead, let it sit and take in the surrounding for a minimum of 20 minutes.

Get your Fluke tool from a trusted source!

Presidium PH is an authorized distributor of Fluke Maintenance tools in the Philippines. Thus, if you want to know more about Fluke tools and their functions, visit our website for more info! This is a one-stop-shop for the best test tools in the market!

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