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Fluke’s FoodPro Plus is a Must-Have for All Food Service Professionals

Good food is even better if it guarantees good quality! A lot of excellent food service professionals take extra precautions and safety measures to ensure that their product is in its best shape. One of the precautionary measures they carry out is doing fast and accurate temperature monitoring. Temperature monitoring is done from the moment you receive the frozen goods, all the way to it being cooked and served to its consumers. 

On the other hand, from a consumers’ point of view, more often than not, we don’t even bother noticing the temperature of the food we are about to eat. However, giving light to temperature importance, our foodservice professionals make it a habit to observe the proper coldness of our food, and proper heating as well. This is where Fluke’s FoodPro Plus comes in handy. 

Why is food temperature important? 

Let’s take meat for example. This is common knowledge to all foodservice professionals. According to the U.S Department of Agriculture, proper cold temperatures will reduce the growth of microorganisms and harmful toxins. Moreover, this will also protect the meat from bacterial growth and prevent it from getting molds. 

Meat is a good example of temperature checking. In such circumstances that they are not chilled or heated properly, it will result in disastrous effects. On the flip side, cooked meat also needs reassurance of a good temperature. A temperature of 75 °C must be reached to ensure all food poisoning bacteria are gone. 

Fluke’s FoodPro Plus is a Must-Have!

The FoodPro Plus is the complete solution to measure the proper coldness or hotness of the food. Fluke’s FoodPro Plus is the new must-have to ensure food safety. This equipment provides state-of-the-art technology to ensure proper temperature checks. You need not even worry about cross-contamination since this device can measure temperature from afar. 

Need to penetrate deep into the product? The FoodPro Plus can also puncture deep for internal temperature readings. Fluke’s FoodPro Plus also highlights a special feature which is the HACCP check lights.  This feature is a warning signal if the food has reached the correct temperature whether it is hot or cold.

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