What is an Oscilloscope?

In the industrial world, devices that turn electric power to mechanical power are commonplace. Some examples of these include pumps, motors, conveyors, robots, and more. These devices are being controlled by an important yet invisible force called Voltage signals. But what are Voltage signals and how do we capture them?


An oscilloscope or scopes are an important tool for electronics engineers or testers. They enable waveforms to be seen and because of this, is useful in looking for any problems in the electronics circuit. The name comes from the fact that oscillations can be viewed. Its name draws origins from the name cathode-ray oscilloscope (CRO) when it was still used, as seen in the old televisions due to the high voltages it needed.


Oscilloscopes display in waveforms the voltage signals, which is a visual representation of the variations of voltage. One can think of the waveform as ripples traveling along a surface of the water when a stone or object is dropped on it. The signals are then plotted on a graph which shows how the signal changes. The vertical (Y) axis shows the voltage magnitude while the horizontal (X) axis shows time.


Some other information you can see in the graph of an oscilloscope include:

  • Voltage signal shape when operating as intended
  • Current signal shape when using a current clamp suitable for using on an oscilloscope
  • Anomalies on the signal
  • Amplitude modulation of an oscillating signal and any frequency variations
  • Whether the signal has noise and the changes to the noise


As an item used in electronics test equipment, it helps give insight into circuit operations and is the key to finding many issues and resolving them. Most of the modern oscilloscopes are digital which allows for a more detailed and accurate signal measurement as well as fast calculations, data storage capabilities, and even automated analysis. Handheld digital oscilloscopes such as the one by Presidium, offer more advantages over the benchtop models such as it being battery operated, that it uses electrically isolated floating inputs and the advantage of added features that make its usage easier and more accessible to many different workers.


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