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Things to consider before adding thermal imaging to your business

Cheers to developments in technology, thermal images are now more affordable, easier to use and better deployed in industrial and commercial markets than ever before. ­­

This is a pleasant development for contractors looking into adding thermal imaging into their services, as most customers would have likely heard about thermal imaging and how it can improve their business.

Thermal cameras as the name suggests, produce thermal (heat) pictures of equipment which enables you to have a powerful demonstration to display indications that your equipment is about to fail.

For contractors, your edge is your experience in handling different types of equipment and failure scenarios. Like any troubleshooting scenario, the person using the thermal camera should draw on experience to analyze and understand the readings. With this, you can easily identify if the reading indicates that the electrical panel is hot and whether you should investigate the connections or the load.

Additionally, thermography is also helpful for regular maintenance and troubleshooting. It can easily help you identify which facility and units are critical to performance.

Thermal tools can easily be a part of your regular site inspections or during troubleshooting calls.

To maximize the effectiveness of your thermal imaging tools, it is also advisable to enroll in courses from reputable trainers on how to use them. This will give you a competitive advantage if you decide to offer thermal imaging as part of your services, as you will have the credentials, theoretical and practical knowledge on how you can get the best results from your thermal camera.

Here are just a few things on what you learn about in thermal imaging training:

  • How to use the thermal camera
  • Applications with the greatest return on investment
  • How to properly perform inspections
  • How to interpret results and generate meaningful and actionable reports
  • How to safely conduct thermography inspections in an industrial work environment

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In summary, it would be beneficial for contractors to be equipped with thermal cameras. To maximize your investment in buying one, make sure that you take the time to train on the basics of using it and train by learning by using the tool to improve your services. Remember, the more you use, the more familiar you become in using thermal imaging tools. Visit our website at to know more about our products. GET A FREE DEMO

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