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Electric Motor Efficiency & Reliability: Real World Conditions

All electrical machines are powered by an electric motor. In fact, a common industrial plant may consume up to 46% of all generated electricity worldwide. That’s nearly half of the energy consumption that we use. Electrical machines are especially critical for industrial processes hence, any machine breakdown may cause a lot of disruption and a lot of money. Ensuring that motors are efficient and operating at their maximum capacity is one of the most important tasks that technicians and engineers deal with every day.

It’s safe to say that efficient use of electricity is mandatory especially for businesses as inefficiency may lead to financial losses. And since electricity is one of the highest consumers of energy in the industry, it has become a primary target for generating savings and maintaining profitability.

The traditional processes of testing machinery used to be costly and difficult to apply in the working process and at times, it might require you to completely shut down the machine which would mean downtime, just to technicians can check the machine. Luckily, electric motor testing tools that provide more accurate results and have easier processes are now available for us to use anytime.

Fluke 438-II Power Quality and Motor Analyzer

Testing tools such as the Fluke 438-II provides a streamlined and cost-effective method for testing motor efficiency while eliminating the need for external mechanical sensors and costly downtime. It provides mechanical measurements (motor rotating speed, torque, and efficiency) by applying proprietary algorithms to electrical waveform signals.

Using modern and advanced testing tools gives technicians the ability to decrease downtime and give them the opportunity to trend motor performance over time. This way, they are able to see the overall system health and performance. With this, you are sure to save a lot of time and energy consumption at a lesser cost.

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