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Month: November 2019

Evaluating Relative Humidity: Factors and Measurements

There are a lot of factors affecting the cooling performance of an air conditioning unit, such as the relationship between dry bulb temperature, wet bulb temperature, relative humidity, and dem point temperature. Making sure that these facets are good to add to the overall performance of the unit and, essentially, occupant comfort. To make sure that …

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What Does Infrared Mean?

Infrared means “beyond red.” Thermography then pertains to a “thermal picture.” Put together, infrared thermography then means beyond a red temperature picture, which is taken by thermal cameras. This explains why in thermal imaging, we can see a gradient of red and purple captured in a photo.   Infrared, just like visible light is part …

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Using Thermal Imaging to Troubleshoot Motors and Drives

Thermal imagers are excellent tools for troubleshooting motor issues and monitoring the motor condition for preventive maintenance for power generation, manufacturing, and commercial plants. Infrared images reveal a motor’s heat signature to tell you about its condition.   What to Scan?   In building your heat profiles, it is best to start capturing good quality …

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