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What to Look for in a Thermal Imaging Software

Thermal inspection work has now evolved through thermal imaging software that makes our work much easier. Now you can access thermal imaging results through your phone via software/apps. With this software, you can easily create accurate reports concerning mechanical, electrical, building diagnostics, electronic equipment and more.

Just like a professional camera, an infrared camera needs to be paired with thermal imaging software with features that allow you to produce accurate and clear thermal images. A good thermal imaging software also fully utilizes the radiometric data supplied by the camera’s sensor to get the most out of the image or video.

If you’re in the hunt for thermal imaging software, here are some factors to consider:

Multiple Video/Image Formats

It’s important that your software is able to export your images in various formats so it will be compatible with different viewing devices. Formats such as .jpg, .tiff, .bmp, .gif, or .avi are those that can read more advanced data. Fluke Infrared Cameras can in .is2 format, and images can be exported in the most commonly used formats.

Edit and Manipulate Images

You want a software that will allow you to do image enhancements on the software itself. For one, it is more convenient, and second, you can easily mark the important parts of your report.

Live Viewing and Sharing of Infrared Images and Video

Share images in real-time even with team members who are working remotely. The Fluke Connect software allows you to access a live view through an app on your mobile phone.

Remotely Control your Infrared Camera

Your camera must be able to allow you to access and control your device even without having to touch it. This feature would especially be helpful during hazardous situations.

3-Dimensional Analysis

A 3D structure allows for a full and clearer view of what you are working on. You can easily provide solutions and eliminate false positives when you are working with a 3D model.

You must be able to get the most out of your infrared camera so you need to pair it with thermal imaging software that will maximize its capabilities and enhance your results. If you’re looking for an infrared camera and the best thermal imaging software, a wide range of choices await you at


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