thermal imaging for your business

How Thermal Imaging Can Help Your Business

For ages, the temperature has been used to give an indication of a machine’s condition, as machines with unusual temperatures are proven to have potential damages.

Touching the machine with our bare hands can sometimes help determine if the heat is in within limits but it may lead to serious accidents.

According to, in order to obtain precise machine temperature, thermography or thermal imaging should be used. Other than precision, this technique is also safer.

Thermography – or thermal imaging – allows visualization of heat for maintenance or diagnostic purposes. The application’s infrared radiation is converted by a thermal camera to the visual image.

This thermal camera will speed up troubleshooting and aid in preventive maintenance that can provide a substantial return on investment.

Thermal imagers have also affected the way electricians monitor the operation of electrical systems. These devices gather vital information about electrical components, cooling levels in data centers, backup uninterruptible power supplies, and electrical support equipment. By using infrared (IR) cameras to take noncontact heat measurements of energized equipment, it is possible to diagnose potential problems before they occur.

However, according to Fluke, in order for a thermal imager to serve you right, you must certainly know how it works in different facets of your business. These are:

Electrical and Power Distribution

  • Troubleshoots and maintains electrical panels
  • Monitors substations and switchgear
  • Commissions new installations through the documented condition at the time of acceptance
  • Inspects and monitors power generation components


  • Inspects and troubleshoots motors, drives, and bearings
  • Finds pipe blockages or leaks
  • Assesses tank levels from a distance
  • Identifies circuit board hot spots at the design stage

Energy and Environmental

  • Detects heat loss throughout your HVAC
  • Locates moisture in your building envelope
  • Conducts residential and commercial building energy audits

Thermal imaging technology is very dynamic, and there have been developments in products for over a decade, bringing new products and expanded capabilities.

Thermal imaging may sound so expensive but it is actually a very affordable option for many businesses that need best security, protection solution and a higher return of investment. It, in fact, it costs lower than CCTV. If you are looking for an affordable yet high-quality thermal imaging product, visit or call +63 2 464 9339 to know more.

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