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The Importance of Thermal Imaging in Data Centers

Ensuring that data storage remains safe, secure and accessible requires systematically taking and storing thermal images of data center equipment.


With this, it is crucial to have periodic inspections of data centers to ensure the reliability and sustainability of their systems to avoid lost data due to failed equipment.


In line with this, an important tool for performing data center inspections today, is the thermal imager, also referred to as an infrared (IR) camera.


A thermal imager is an industrial tool that displays and has an ability to store two-dimensional images of an object’s surface temperatures. This enables you to easily detect anomalies in the temperatures of electrical or mechanical components, that are hotter or colder than similar objects within the same environment.


Overheating components may indicate potential problems and would require maintenance to avoid system failure. On the other hand, cool surfaces might also indicate a problem, such as a possible imbalance in the HVAC system that would require correcting.


Additionally, thermal cameras can also be used to record actual surface temperatures. This is useful in detecting situations such as an overheating transformer or motor, to give time for repair or replacement before failure.


To maximize the use of thermal cameras, it is ideal to capture potential problems detected from the thermal images. For recording and proper monitoring, upload the captured images to a computer that is equipped with a software for reporting and analysis.


Keeping a thermal “track record” on file is helpful in getting long term comparison, to better detect abnormal readings and any inconsistencies. Moreover, to ensure consistency and better comparison, establish a sampling route and scan the same objects or areas each time from the same vantage points.


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