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Testing a centrifugal chiller through a thermal imager

For many business and commercial buildings alike, the centrifugal chiller has been one of the most important factors for every HVAC system. It helps to compress the vapor from the water by chilling it and rejecting the heat. Its compact size and lightweight material enables it to be efficient in the cooling cycle loop. This also developed the norm for every commercial building as the cost of energy has increased. However, mechanical problems are inevitable for centrifugal chillers. When this happens, it must be properly observed. One particular product that can be used is thermal imager. It is perfect for detecting problems at many of centrifugal chiller’s test points listed below:


  • Control Panel


Using thermal imager can effectively help you see issues with low voltage systems in control panels. In the instances of poor electrical connections and failed components, a thermal imager can be of great help to identify them and provide necessary adjustments that you can implement.


  • Compressor


A thermal imager can also help in diagnosing or observing temperature differences in various parts of compressors. With Centrifugal chillers, detecting temperature within its compressor is a great source of insight during its maintenance.


  • Motor


Motors inside a centrifugal chiller is a delicate piece of the hardware that makes them properly work. A thermal imager can be an invaluable tool for inspecting and maintaining these motors.


  • Bearing


With a thermal imager, you can detect bearing issues in motors as it determines the status of their lubrication, shat alignment, and other general wear conditions.


  • Chilled water supply and chiller water return


A good temperature of water supply and water return in chillers is a good sign of its performance. A thermal imager can provide the real-time temperature data for these chillers and provide reasonably accurate temperature measurement, giving an insight to the person as to what are the necessary adjustments that need to be done.


Making sure that your centrifugal chiller is properly working is an important task to do. Hence, you need a trusted measurement tool and thermal imager that can help you with that! With Fluke thermal imagers, you can be confident that every maintenance issues that your chiller will experience can be taken care of! Its special features make sure that all of your needs are dealt with. As the country’s top Fluke authorized distributor in the country, Presidium is your top choice to have the best test tools!


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