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How Fluke ii900 Saved a Manufacturer’s Business

One of the world’s most prominent aftermarket manufacturer was interviewed regarding air leaks. This company design, craft, and markets its products under famous brands. They widely use compressed air to run equipment in their plant.

Controlling Energy Waste


Air leaks lead to wasted energy by causing the equipment that is run by compressed air to work harder. Older equipment that is stored in the plant increases the probability of air leaks. Leak detection activities are done after hours as hearing air leaks is difficult especially in a noisy environment.


They wait for the building to fall quiet, usually on during off-shift and maintenance shutdown to listen to air leaks. They also spray soapy water to areas they think have a leak and observe if there will be bubbles.


They also use other methods such as using ultrasonic leak detector. It requires a certain time and a highly trained professional. Small leaks aren’t very audible to the human ear and are sometimes located in a difficult to access area.


Fluke approached the said manufacturer to encourage them to try  Fluke ii900 Sonic Industrial Imager. This equipment can locate a leak even from 50 feet away in a noisy environment.


The maintenance lead and maintenance technician alternating throughout 8 hours of scanning the entire plant of leaks. At the end of their procedure, they found an overall of 143 leaks both big and small.


They verified the leaks the equipment has prompted by spraying the said areas with soapy waters. And true enough, the tool was right.

Fluke ii900’s ability to find leaks in hard to search places pleased the maintenance manager.


The Fluke ii900 Sonic Industrial Imager has a built-in acoustic array of tiny sensitive microphones that generates a spectrum of decibel levels per frequency. An algorithm then calculates a sound image known as SoundMap that is superimposed on a visual image. The SoundMap can filter out background noise because it automatically adapts depending on the frequency selected. It is updated on screen 10-20 times per second.


The maintenance manager commended that Fluke is very user-friendly that you can just pick it up and walk down the aisles scanning for leaks. Not only does it save time but it also saves labor and energy cost.


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