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Everything You Need to Know About Clamp Meters

Every trade has its own set of equipment. While many manual professions use standard tools like screwdrivers, pliers, and drills, specialized occupations like electricians need more advanced tools tailored for the job. Even the most skilled electricians depend on these tools to do their jobs properly and more effectively.


Today they face more challenges due to technological advances of electrical equipment and circuits, though these were made to make work easier, more training is now needed for its proper utilization. These advances require a higher skill level for those who would be using them, as well as more advanced testing procedures. Enough knowledge and understanding of proper test equipment use will be beneficial in handling testing and troubleshooting issues. One of the most commonly used equipment by electricians and technicians for similar situations is the clamp meter.


What is a Clamp Meter?

A clamp meter is an energy management tool that combines a voltmeter with a clamp-type current meter. In analogy, it is basically a current-measuring tool with some voltage abilities. The clamp meter was created primarily as a single purpose test tool for electricians; however, today’s modern models have integrated more measurement functions, accuracy, and other special features.


Advantages of Using a Clamp Meter

When it comes to testing plants or all sorts of machinery, an electrical tester like the clamp meter is the best choice. One of the advantages of using a clamp meter over digital multimeters is that you can measure the electric current passing through a device without breaking any circuits.


Effective troubleshooting often requires two readers – one to measure voltage, and the other to measure electrical current. Most electricians consider a clamp meter to be one of the most versatile diagnostic tools as it can do both.


Choosing the Right Clamp Meter

There are a few factors to consider when buying a clamp meter. Apart from looking at its specifications, one should also consider its features, functions, and overall quality of the production of the device.


Obviously, User Safety proves to be a necessity given that this profession handles many hazards. The device must adhere to the latest electrical standards and should be certified by testing labs such as UL, CSA, and VDE among others. Certifications assure you that the electrical tester meets all safety standards.


Given the nature of where the device will be used, a clamp meter must also be able to withstand tough conditions. The tool needs to be reliable. Luckily, the Fluke Clamp Meters are carefully designed to be electrically and mechanically robust. By the time they’re ready to be used, you’ll be sure they’ve undergone rigorous testing and evaluation.


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