pressure switch testing manual approach

Manual approach to pressure switch testing

Determining accurate calibration of pressure switches is an essential method to ensure quality and safe operation of the equipment. It is similar to pressure gauge calibration which measures voltage or continuity across a set of switch contacts through (Digital Multimeter) DMM or a calibrator. It is important to know that the purpose of calibration is to detect and correct errors in the set point and dead band of the pressure switch. It helps save time and processes as it reduces the amount of equipment needed for a calibration job. Having the right calibration tools can enable many technicians’ work to be automated.

To perform the test:


  1. Make sure to safely disconnect the device from the process it controls.
  2. Connect the calibrator or DMM to the common and NO (normally open) output terminals of the switch. This process should measure an “open circuit” for continuity. If, however, you are measuring V ac be sure the tool is properly rated towards the voltage that is being measured.
  3. Connect the pressure switch to a pressure source such as a hand pump that can be connected to a gauge.

Rising pressure

  1. Increase the source pressure to the set point of the switch until the switch changes state from open to close. Manually record the pressure value when the DMM indicates a “short circuit”. If you are using a calibrator, it should record the value for you.

Falling pressure

  1. Continue to increase the pressure until you reach the maximum rated pressure. Slowly reduce the pressure until the switch changes state again, and resets from closed to open, then record the pressure.


  1. The set point pressure should be recorded when the pressure was rising. The dead band value is the difference between the rising set point pressure and the falling pressure reset point.

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