infrared thermography

Infrared Thermography: Explained

Machine failure don’t just happen in an instant. Most machine failures – whether its electrical, mechanical, process, or electronic- begins with a significant increase in operating temperature even before the problem occurs. Machine failure is usually like running out of your battery car. There’s no way to tell when you will run out of battery, one day your car just won’t start. Fortunately for machineries, there are devices that can detect and determine if there is an unusual heat activity that can possibly cause problems to your machine.

An Infrared Thermography can detect infrared energy emitted by an object, converting it to apparent temperature, and displaying the result as an infrared image. Infrared thermography came from the literal meaning “beyond red” (infrared) and “temperature picture” (thermography).

Why get an infrared camera?

An infrared camera allows you to capture thermal images without making direct contact with the equipment. That means you can capture thermal information from operating equipment at a safe distance and have a better chance of seeing temperature anomalies under normal operating conditions. Widely popular infrared cameras capture radiometric thermal images that contain apparent temperature measurements for each pixel within the image. This capability allows you to identify an anomaly and then drill down to calculate the apparent temperate of the points in question.

Big Benefit

The non-contact feature of infrared technology makes it ideal for a wide range of applications where components are moving, very hot, dangerous to contact, difficult to reach, impossible to shut off, or could be contaminated or damaged through contact. Infrared cameras are also helpful in detecting energy or moisture-related issues in a building envelope.

Unlike older thermal imagers that were larger, more expensive, slower, and poorer image resolution, newer versions of thermal imagers perform much better. They are more compact, with ergonomic cameras that are easy and fast to use, and they are much more affordable with high resolution images. With the help of these new thermal imagers, now it is speedier and convenient to conduct inspections and fix machinery issues that you may have overlooked.

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