safety check your meter in the field

How to safety check your meter in the field

Every measurement and calibration process undergo strict inspection. It is important to have a precautionary check of every tools that will be used in order to assure the success and safety of the operation. Whenever you are assigned for a large or even small-scale measurement operations, these quick steps can help ensure your measurement device is safe and ready to go.

Use common sense

This is probably one of the most common and important things that you must attain when doing safety checks. Make it a habit to take a closer and detailed look at your equipment and accessories before you begin any operation. Check if it is broken or if there are any shattered parts on your device. It is essential to know every in-and-out of your device to easily determine if it is functional. If you wouldn’t let other people borrow it from you because of its condition, then you shouldn’t use it yourself.

Inspect leads

Electrical measurement operations pose high risk for people who are conducting it. Hence, make sure to perform an inspection on the test leads before using any electrical testing instruments. This is to ensure that the device can safely and accurately conduct electricity for the job at hand. Be sure your leads have minimum exposed metal on the following:

    • Double insulation.
    • CAT ratings that equal or exceed those of the meter.
    • Finger guards.
    • Shrouded connectors.

Continuity testing

You can use your meter’s own continuity testing function to check for any internal breaks. This ensures that your device is accurately providing results and is not prone to error when the actual operation starts. Try checking test lead resistance by:

    • Selecting Ω, touching probe tips and being sure the leads are 0.1 – 0.3 Ω.
    • Inserting leads in V/Ω and COM inputs.

Verify correct voltage rating

Make sure that the device meter that you will be using and its accessories are appropriately rated and designed for the system. Whenever you are conducting any electrical measurement, set the voltage at the right meter and verify its rating to ensure accurate results and measurements

Safety checking your equipment before any measurement operation can reduce hazard and ensure that all equipment is ready to go. Whether voltage testers or digital millimetres, a quick safety scan before working can save time and money. To ensure the guaranteed safety of your operation, you also need a trusted provider that can supply you long-lasting calibration and measurement tools. Corporation is an official distributor of Fluke Calibration products in the Philippines. Fluke is the world leader in the manufacture and distribution of any electronic test tools. We can assure you that our line of measurement tools are safe and highly functional. You can trust us to bring you the most trusted test tools that can bring you not just accurate results but also safe operations.

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