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Benefits of Using Thermal Imagers

Thermal imagers, also known as infrared cameras, allow technicians to detect issues before they cause bigger problems or failures. While some equipment present obvious symptoms through unusual vibration or sounds, other electrical problems may only be detected by thermal patterns. It’s important to identify these issues before they lead to equipment failure or serious electrical hazards.

Infrared thermography offers a wide variety of advantages. It can speed up diagnosis, reduce – and possible even avoid – unscheduled downtime, and minimize damage to structure and contents.

Here are the various use of thermal imagers:

  • Most types of equipment
  • Collecting data in hazardous environments from a safe distance
  • Scanning large areas such as walls, ceilings, and roofs quickly
  • Gathering data without disrupting production
  • Quickly identifying irregularities in specific locations
  • Detecting problems before failure

These advantages not only help technicians and contractors, but also produce additional benefits for troubleshooting and preventive and predictive maintenance. Some of these include:

Increased safety

Technicians can inspect areas and equipment from a safe distance. They don’t need to interrupt operations, nor have to climb ladders or use a lift to scan ductwork and high ceilings.

Improved reliability

Reduce unscheduled downtime by attaining more accurate information for easier maintenance and repairs. Easily identify and address the problem before it results in large-scale losses.

Better assurance of repairs

An infrared camera allows technicians to quickly scan repaired components or structural areas to very that a repair was successful, or identify if further repairs are needed.

Successful commissioning of new installations

Infrared thermography can be used to document the condition of new equipment at the time of acceptance. The baseline documentation can be used to verify the manufacturer’s performance specifications or provide a basis for comparison at another time.

Improved production rate and quality

Preventive or predictive maintenance can minimize equipment malfunctions and failures.

Monitor equipment deterioration

Maintain optimum production efficiency by monitoring the condition and characteristics of your equipment with a thermal imager, against predetermined tolerances. This will allow you to repair or replace deteriorating components before they fail completely and potentially cause unplanned downtime.

Invest in a quality thermal imager from Fluke and reap the benefits.

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