clean power for smoother operations

Clean power for smoother day-to-day operations

It’s inevitable that big machineries lie the ones companies use in manufacturing companies, require a huge amount of power in order for it operate. In a day to day basis, hundreds of thousands of machines are operating so you can just imagine the all that power being consumed in a certain location. It’s taken a lot of research and developments, but there is actually a way to consume less or good power quality.


Good Power Quality is defined as a steady supply voltage that stays within a prescribed range, steady frequency close to the rated value, and smooth voltage curve waveform. There are devices that are able to measure the quality of power used, and these devices can also optimize the productivity of the power used. But what is the importance in doing all of this? Let’s find out.


The consequences of poor power quality, such as power factor and harmonics, can not only be a direct hit on the bottom line because of surcharges by local utilities, but also because dirty power can cripple crucial equipment and lead to downtime.


Origins of most power problems inside facilities.


  • Installation – improper grounding or routing of wires, or undersized distribution.
  • Operation – equipment is being operated outside design perimeters.
  • Mitigation – improper shielding or lack of power factor correction
  • Maintenance – deteriorated cable insulation


Even though a machine has been properly installed, it can still later on show multiple issues and problems as it is constantly being used and the machine itself ages as well. Moreover, power issues can also come for external factors such as unpredictable outages, voltage sags, and power surges.


Even though there is a cost associated with power quality, it is still important that you invest in the right tools and devices that will help you control the power that is running through your machines. Because if not, it may easily destroy your machines, and that will be a much bigger cost.


Fluke power quality and energy tools, including single-phase and three-phase loggers and analyzers, are designed for industrial and commercial applications to measure power quality and quantify those associated costs.


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