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FieldSense Technology: Making a workplace safer

One of the horrors of being a technician or an electrician is being harmed by the actual job itself. The voltage of a certain electrical system is being measured by attaching the test lead probe or alligator clips directly to electrical conductors. This traditional way of measuring voltages requires metal-to-metal contact that brings with it the risk of arc flash and electrical shock. The repercussions can potentially harm not just the person who is doing the measurement but also the testing device itself.


This is why Fluke has devised the FieldSense technology to make a workplace safer for electricians and technicians. This is where the voltage is being measured by isolating the measurement tool from the voltage source under test. Thus, it will reduce the risks of electrical shock and arc flash.


The principle of galvanic isolation makes the FieldSense technology possible. It simply allows electricians and technicians to measure voltage without exposing themselves to contact points with live voltage. A FieldSense technology-enabled device, like the Fluke T6-100, detects the electrical field in the open fork and measures the voltage through the cable insulation.


Here are the other reasons how FieldSense technology can keep the workplace for electricians and technicians safer:


No direct metal-to-metal contact

With the FieldSense technology, there is no need to attach probes or alligator clips to the conductor. The Fluke’s FieldSense technology allows you to measure AC voltage, current, and frequency through the cable’s insulation by sliding the fork of the tester over the conductor. In this manner, the risks for electrical sparks or arc flash will be minimized, hence, much less potential for electrical shock.


Works beyond expectations

The FieldSense-enabled devices of Fluke doesn’t just show you the live voltage present but also accurately measure that voltage. This technology injects a known signal to accurately derive the unknown AC voltage to produce an actual AC voltage.


No need to open panels

Devices with the FieldSense technology don’t need access to any wire end points as it can already measure the voltage at any point along the conductor. This feature saves you more time because you don’t have to deal with crowded junction boxes anymore. You just have to slid a single conducting wire into the open fork and read the results. Hence, you won’t have to be worried about experiencing electrical shocks when you dig deep down the bunch of wirings.


Just keep in mind that you also need to take precautionary measures and safety equipment while doing such task. Furthermore, you have to be more observant, careful, and vigilant upon doing your job to make sure that you can do it safely.


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