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Getting know your Digital Multimeter

One of the well-known calibration instrument that is available in the market right now is the Digital Multimeter or DMM. It is a test tool that is being used to measure two or more electrical values such as principal voltage (volts), current (amps), and resistance (ohms). There is no wonder that it is, indeed, a standard diagnostic tool for technicians in the electrical/electronical industries.


This testing tool combines all the capabilities of the three single-task meters namely the voltmeter for measuring volts, the ammeter for measuring amps, and the ohmmeter that is being used for measuring ohms. More often than not, digital multimeters include some additional specialized features and advanced options.


The digital multimeter is the replacement for needle-based analogue meters. The analogue meters were replaced by digitized multimeters for it has greater accuracy, reliability, and increased impedance. The first digital multimeter of Fluke was released in 1977.

A typical face of a digital multimeter has four main components:


  1. Display: Where measurement readouts can be viewed.
  2. Buttons: For selecting various functions; the options vary by model.
  3. Dial (or rotary switch): For selecting primary measurement values (volts, amps, ohms).
  4. Input jacks: Where test leads are inserted


The test leads are flexible, insulated wires – red for positive and black for negative – that plug into the digital multimeter through the input jacks. These serve as the conductor from the item being tested to the multimeter. Each lead has some probe tips that are used for testing circuits.


Each term counts and digits are used to describe a digital multimeter’s solution as if how a meter can make a fine measurement. A technician can determine if it is possible to see a small change in a measured signal by knowing a multimeter’s resolution.


For example: If a multimeter offers a resolution of 1 mV on the 4 V range, it is possible to see a change of 1 mV (1/1000th of a volt) while reading 1V.


Take note that digital multimeters are grouped by their numbers of counts they display which is up to 20,000. A digital Multimeter, just like the ones from Fluke, is definitely multi-purpose, standardized, advanced, compact, and wireless.


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